A change in the law in France

The country of France is going to be progressing continuously the way it has constantly tried to go upwards. It has continually tried to display itself in some way or another in a different way than the wild country. And his identity also seems very much inside the world. He is constantly very much absorbed in himself, has all the conditions he can walk according to his own, and has no need to depend on the country. There is no need at all, and he constantly tries to run the government there in any way to develop his country. In the last few days, there have been a lot of protests by the students and Even in the Hindu Muslim community, efforts are being made to keep their belongings there, and it is also tried that they do not move ahead with any one religion, they try to move forward by taking us together in every way. Does France’s most significant identity want to go ahead with the French?



France constantly wants to raise the issues of its country and keep them out of its country, and it has also repeatedly said that in the condition of its country, someone has wrongly named the country, and some brother has done the country with them in any way. No one can be born, and the way Francesh is entirely dependent on himself, he tries ultimately to prevent interference from other countries inside his country, the way it is running according to its condition. It is a perfect province, and its status is also very high globally. According to the population there, there is also a lot of development. However, India’s population is much larger than France at this time, compared to India, France, and more developed countries.



France strives to keep every community equal.



France’s constant effort has been to keep the community the same. It does not try to go against any community, always speaking in this effort, how the Muslim community resides in a vast population. Due to this, he has completely banned the practice of wearing a burqa inside the schools, and he said that wearing a burqa in this way has a terrible effect on the children inside the schools no. It should be understood that they don’t want to take this kind of religious fight further, so they have banned wearing burqas there.



The President of France said that this decision is correct and that he will keep the changes made inside the law forward. He always tried to move France towards a newly developed country inside France with the law because the Muslims understood that he constantly wanted the burqa inside the schools. Still, this time, France has wholly stuck to its point and has said that wearing the burqa will be banned entirely there. If there is a cock worn inside the school, then it has been banned, and all the schools have been fully alerted on wearing the burqa that no child should come inside the school wearing a burqa.


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