Actress Madhu considers Shah Rukh Khan as God, and both have a good relationship.

There are many reasons behind his being considered the king, one being that his dominance in Bollywood is immense. He has created a niche within Bollywood with his acting and his talent. After starting a small career, it was a big thing for Shahrukh Khan to achieve such a big position, and today he has reached this position because of his talent. However, he says that there was no hand behind him. By working hard, he has made his place in Bollywood this way, but whenever a new actress or actor comes, he loves Shahrukh Khan and respects him very much. Among them, the biggest name of actress Madhu is Shahrukh.


Madhu Phool Aur Kaante became famous in Bollywood and maintained a separate place inside Bollywood. Inside was busy, and then Shilpa Shetty was selected inside it. Madhu said that her father told us that if she did not study, he would marry her soon, but Madhu was neither interested in marriage nor in studies. Talking to the Times of India, she said she has no regrets for rejecting Baazigar’s film, but she does not let go of life without enjoying any moment. Even if any of Shah Rukh Khan’s films is not a hit in Bollywood. She always worships Shahrukh Khan like God.


Madhu’s first film was Phool Aur Kaante, her career started on the same.


Madhu said that when she got a call for the first film, she was playing Carrom sitting in her house, and she gave the call on behalf of her father. This phone call was from Kuku Kohli, a film director, and then her father Talked to him. After this he and then he signed the film. Madhu said that when she started acting in Phool Aur Kaante, about 60% of the movie Phool Aur Kaante had been shot, and she had no idea which star would work with her and who else the actor is in that film.


The actress earlier in the film was thrown out for some reason. Madhu said she did not face much trouble doing the film with Ajay Devgan. She did not get too nervous because Ajay Devgan and Madhu Both used to study in the same college. Both were residents of the Juhu area and Ajay Devgan’s father, Veeru Devgan, was also a friend of Madhu’s father, so Madhu did not feel very nervous in this film.

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