Adi Purush releases in India on Friday

Completely engulfed in controversies, Adi Purush’s film was released in India on Friday, and its release has made many records in India; many controversies have already surrounded this film. On the other hand, Keerti kissed the director after going inside the temple, and since then, she has been in constant headlines for this. Keerti Sanon is seen playing the role of Sita Mata, while Deepika Chikhaliya, the first Ramayana film to be made, was in it. The one who played the role of Sita Mata had said that Kriti Sanon made a big mistake since then, and the film has been mired in controversies.



In this film, Prabhas, a massive actor in South films, Prabhas has worked very well in both the films of Bahubali, while Kirti Sanon is seen in the lead role with him in this film.The love story of both of them in the trailer looks perfect, although the inside Ramayana All the things have been shown in the same way Adi Purush has been made in the same form, and some changes have also been tried.



Prabhas and Kriti Sanon have high hopes for this film.



Both Prabhas and Kriti Sanon have high hopes for this film because they have not done any good movies for some time, and the film of both did not run continuously at the box office, so their movie is essential. At the same time, the budget for this film was also said to be very high. Still, on the first day this film was released inside Indian cinema houses on Friday, this film collected 140 crores worldwide, while inside India, almost This film has collected ₹ 850000000, so this film is still expected to be a super duper hit.



The director and producer of this film have said that it will be seen a lot inside India because it is a religious film and the way religious films are being made continuously inside India, the way people are crazy. Such films are seen here a lot, and the director said that he was script writing for this film for a long time, and now his film is in the cinema. It was released indoors, and now they are hopeful that this film will perform well, and this film inside India has broken many records.



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