Aditya Roy Kapur gave his statement on nepotism

Now Tere Kapoor is considered one of the most famous actors of Bollywood and his behaviour is considered to be very good, the way he is also called a good Mil Aaj Ka Insaan inside Bollywood, he behaves like this with anyone. He does not act because he will have to be in the limelight, and then he does not like to be left out; he is constantly serious about his films and tries to put himself entirely for the movie and tries the same. He says that when people see him in his films, they should feel that, after all, Aditya Roy Kapur is made for this role, he is always seen saying this, and he works on it continuously.



The craze of nepotism has increased continuously inside Bollywood at this time, where we get to see the way the stars who are old stars of Bollywood, their sons and daughters, are working inside Bollywood. Only films are given, and other actors and actresses from outside are thoroughly tried to be removed from Bollywood. The way Bollywood tried to raise itself with its behaviour and behaviour, Bollywood tried to suppress them. This effort would reach till Sushant Singh Rajput had to commit suicide.



Aditya Roy Kapur’s brother Siddharth Kapoor is a prominent filmmaker.



Aditya Roy Kapur has recently stated that he was asked to speak entirely against nepotism; he said that he never supports nepotism, he never took advantage of nepotism through Bollywood Inside; his brother Siddharth Kapoor is a vast film director, and he has also produced many films continuously, but Aditya Roy Kapur never took advantage of this thing. And because of his acting, he has become a prominent actor in front of the world.



Aditya Roy Kapur said that his brother could have launched him anytime if he wanted, but he vetoed it. Continuously he got his film by auditioning for acting, and the way his first film Aashiqui made his Bollywood debut. Considered to be a perfect romantic film, and people like it even more. Even its songs are constantly discussed, so Aditya Roy Kapur is now at the peak of his film career.


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