Ajay Jadeja got a new responsibility in the World Cup this time.

The preparations for the World Cup 2023 are being seen by not just one country, but all ten countries, and everyone will be trying to win the World Cup ultimately this time, and their performance in the World Cup will be better. Continuous practice is also being done at a breakneck pace for excellent and brilliant performance. Players are seen practicing continuously day and night, and the way the atmosphere of IPL is in India, this kind of atmosphere is there now. Although this is an ICC tournament and IPL is a BCCI tournament, this time, the atmosphere people are getting to see is entirely different by going here and seeing all the people who are here. Darshan from every country has also booked their tickets here so they can fully dedicate themselves to the upcoming match. They can get a chance to secure tickets here to their fullest and support their team here. Players come here from all over the country and abroad to support their respective teams.



All the teams of Sari have only one objective: to win the World Cup here this time, and for this, the group which is playing the World Cup for the first time and which has reached here after qualifying is also in some way or the other. They want to present their claim for the World Cup. Winning the World Cup will take a lot of work for them. It is as complex as climbing a mountain because this time the World Cup is going to be held here on a massive stage in which every country that has reached here in this type of team will try to play in a different style as much as they do here but man will play a lot of great things for them.It is also prepared that in the same way every time there is no champion, this time we get some new sponsors, some new people do well here, and there is nothing for the players to show their performance here.



The Afghanistan team decided to strengthen its batting.



The Afghanistan team is entirely focused on improving its batting performance, and the most significant thing for them here is that the sooner they strengthen their batting, the better it is for them. It will be done, and for that, they have gone inside India and appointed the former Indian cricketer Ajay Jadeja as the leading batsman for their batting team. He has been wholly told that he will play for the Afghanistan team. Please keep it this way: the more he gets the Afghanistan team to practice well, the better it will be for him. Ajay Jadeja also uses the Indian conditions very well, so it will be a big thing for him here, too, that he can adapt to the Indian needs. So that he can work here according to Indian conditions



With their performance, the Afghanistan team reached here for the first time to play in the World Cup in India. I was seen here as an insider of the World Cup. Coming to a different group will be perfect for him, and the most important thing for him is that he can see himself in a good way. He can see himself in a new form here; this performance is there for him. It will be essential for the new things he is doing for his team, the way he has appointed more people as coaches. In this way, he is also wholly repairing his players mentally. Those players in severe depression should be given full opportunity to go up and perform well.



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