Another glitch inside Elon Musk’s X application

The film was given the name of the actress. After that, its logo was also completely changed. Now a big mess was seen inside it, and what was wrong was that before 2014 all the posts inside were deleted entirely inside it. It is being told that due to some technical error, Twitter has rectified the mistake and said they will fully apologise to their users. Apologise. They are also talking about starting it back completely, and very soon, everyone will quickly see all the posts inside it. Still, for this to be such a big mess too big for Twitter, It’s a matter of how I can make such a big mistake due to how Twitter’s technology department is constantly working on it etc.



Due to Twitter’s mistake, many social media platforms have now stood against him, and he said that Twitter is not safe at all. Anyone’s details can be shared continuously on Twitter, but Elon Musk commented. Giving said what kind of mistake is natural and that these mistakes happen repeatedly due to technological errors. In this way, there is no need to be afraid of these mistakes, and he can ultimately return these facilities. They want to start correctly, and as soon as possible, they can take advantage of these facilities for the commoner, so no one should panic at all due to the rate of technology. All this mess has happened, and now this mess has fully recovered.



Only one post left on Twitter from Barack Obama



On Twitter, while all the posts before 2014 were deleted, people were completely surprised today. A US newspaper has put this post completely inside its bar, and they said that this might also harm Twitter. How he looks at his privacy to his users is also clearly visible, and the way Twitter owner Elon Musk is constantly talking about big things. He is also more worried about those who do this kind of work that if they have to do this kind of work, then it is a very wrong thing; although Twitter apologised to everyone for this mistake, they said that this kind of mistake would never happen in the future.



After all the posts on Twitter were deleted, there was only a tiny girl in the centre where Barack Obama was seen with his wife, Michelle Obama. Other than that, there was no other post about which Everyone was worried. However, that post of Barack Obama also had to be deleted entirely later, and then the whole post office had to be inserted correctly, and still Twitter is safe, and Twitter is safe. The post will be shown again; people are also facing problems, and their issues can be solved very quickly, and the tractor’s technology department has promised that such problems will not happen.



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