Another tremendous big machine was invented for the players.

BCCI will measure the players’ fatigue in the IPL, and BCCI has given a device to all the players in IPL which will measure the players’ exhaustion, and it will tell how much energy is left in the player and how much energy has been spent by his body. The most memorable thing about this device is that whenever the practice session of the players starts, all the players will have to wear this device. Not only this, this device will give 500 different types of information so that every piece of information about the player will go to the board, That it will be decided to decide which player is fit to play and which player is unfit to play, then based on that the players will be selected.


The most significant advantage is that no unfit player will be included in the team because we often see players want to get their place in the group even after being incompetent. When they get a place, they do it in some way or the other. Suffering from injury, they cannot be a part of the team. Either they are out of the group, not performing correctly, or fielding needs to be done better. We often see that the players get dizzy while walking, so the players also have difficulty in batting. But now the BCCI has broken it and has made a device for all the players, and the Indian Control Board has decided to give this device to all the players so that they can know about their fitness of all the players.

BCCI Can track their player fitness


If the player is unfit then bcci can track their health status via that device. This is a big deal for the BCCI board and all the IPL franchises because they, too, will get fully fit players in their team, and when fit players play on the ground, the ground environment will be different. The atmosphere of the group becomes worth watching. All the players will be very energetic. When fit and agile players play in the field, then the scene of the game changes, and we all know that if we have any pain in the body, then we can. We are also not able to do the work properly because the problem we have in the body does not help us to complete that work.


We all also know that if our body is full of energy and we are fully fit, then we do not feel tired in doing any work, and we do any work with a smile in the same way. This device has been made so that the player’s fatigue can be detected, and the basic checkup of the player’s body can be done quickly. With this device, it can be easily seen whether the player can attend the match. Through this device, the head of the franchise team will be able to find out the player’s stamina, and it will be easier for them. The Board of Control announced that they had made this type of device mandatory for every player to wear during the practice session because only a lot of hard work is done during the practice session.


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