Atiq was getting facilities like hotel even in jail, anyone would like to come to jail

Constantly we keep seeing one or the other notorious criminal caught in India. A few days ago, Atiq Ahmed, a dreaded criminal of India, who was taken into custody by the police, was informed that after 44 years, Atiq Ahmed was punished because many cases were registered against him. Still, after 44 years, Atiq Ahmed has been detained by the police because his list of crimes has become very long. He would have been caught long ago, but in some cases, His witnesses turned hostile, and some cases were withdrawn by the court, due to which he continued to commit this criminal offense for the last 44 years.


But this time, the police have taken him into their custody, but on top of this, the big thing is that even after going to prison, Atiq Ahmed is getting facilities like hotels in jail. Every day he gets food from the hotel, and there are coolers, TV, and other facilities inside the jail, all that he is getting in the prison.


India’s corruption does not allow India to move forward


This is a big weakness of our country India because if a criminal gets such facilities in jail, then no criminal will be afraid of going to jail. It is very painful for the general public because if a criminal gets jail, If he is in prison, then he should know about that crime, what crime he has committed, and what his plight is in jail. Still, if he starts getting facilities like Five Star Hotel in prison, everyone will not be afraid of committing the crime. These Miscreants or criminals will be encouraged because they will enjoy inside the jail in the same way as they live outside, then it will have a very wrong effect on our society as well, which is a very bad thing.


The Indian government should pay attention to the fact that no such facilities should be provided in the jail, and everyone should be kept equal. A criminal like Atiq Ahmed should not get such facilities, and he should feel like staying in jail. He should know how many big wrongs he has done in his life, due to which he is facing this punishment today.


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