Australia beat England in the first Ashes match

It has been five days since SS started, and within these 500 days, the Australian and England cricket teams have been seen playing excellently. Root scored a very quick and brilliant century and the kind of shots he played during his innings. He could play in any T20 match or IPL match, but he played very fast innings, and while playing fast innings, he completed his century for England and a good one for the lead. He put it in front of the Australian team.



After Root’s brilliant century, his team’s performance came out very well, and his team performed well, and he got Australia’s team all out very quickly. However, even when the England team came back to play, he intended that he should play cricket as soon as possible and play fast cricket so that the match could be decided. Otherwise, he would be successful in deciding this match, and he tried his best, although, in the end, it took five days. Australia’s team easily defeated England’s team by two wickets, the thrill of this match was very high.



Pat Cummins hit a four to give Australia a victory.



When the Australian team came down to chase the target of 281 runs on the fourth day, their opener David Warner was dismissed very quickly; after that, the team went on the back foot for him, and even before that, three wickets fell. So they sent Boland in as nightwatchman, and he put together a partnership with the brilliant Usman Khawaja. The match started a bit late on the fifth day because there was a very rainy season, due to which it was seen raining continuously.



Usman Khawaja and Boland were both at the crease when the 5-day game started, but Boland, who came in as nightwatchman, also had a good partnership with Usman Khawaja, although he lost his wicket towards the end, and then Travis Head too. He couldn’t do well there for a long time, and he too got out very quickly, but Pat Cummins played a brilliant inning in the end, and when he came to the crease, seven wickets of his team had fallen, and the team got 72 runs. Where there was a need, Pat Cummins scored 44 runs while playing the captaincy innings and gave his team victory in the first Ashes match. Australia’s team has taken a zero lead in this series with this victory.

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