Babita gave 19 superhit films in 6 years, and their initial career was difficult.

Today is the 76th birthday of Babita Kapoor, the famous actress of her time. On this occasion, we will learn some things about her that we just learned now. Babita Kapoor was born on April 20, 1947, in Karachi and was born a few months before independence. His father used to run a studio, due to which he was fine appearing in films when India became independent. After that, they both shifted to Mumbai with their family, and their father started running his studio there. Once when a friend of his came to his house, he saw him and said that he would work in my film, and he took him in the lead role in his upcoming film, which was made with Rajesh Khanna.


Earlier, Babita Kapoor had earned one million in a film that did not work. Still, after making a film with Rajesh Khanna, she started becoming a hit continuously, and she gave 19 superhit films to Bollywood in one go, after which people became famous. She started getting to know her, then one day, she met Randhir Kapoor on the set of a Sangam film, and Randhir Kapoor kept seeing her. Both of them fell in love with each other and started meeting silently, but when Babita Kapoor got to know about this. It was learned that the daughter-in-law of the Kapoor family had never worked in films, so she was very worried about this. Randhir Kapoor now wanted to introduce Babita to his family, so he thought it right to sign her in his film. When Raj Kapoor introduced her to the family members, Raj Kapoor put a condition in front of her. Babita Kapoor asked her if she would not work in films when she became our house’s daughter-in-law. Babita Kapoor accepted her condition because Hai loved Randhir Kapoor very much and did not want to lose him.


Was ready to accept any condition to marry Randhir


He got married and did not do any films after that. However, one of his films, which had already been shot before marriage, was released after his marriage and was a super hit, after which he married his first daughter, Karisma Kapoor. There was a time when none of her husband’s films were running, and he was under a lot of stress and started drinking heavily. There was no attention towards films at all, and he started getting completely drunk on alcohol, even though he did not have enough money to meet his wife’s expenses or pay his daughters’ fees.


After this, Babita Kapoor left home and went to her home and started keeping both her daughters with her. There was no custom for daughters to appear in films within the Kapoor family. Hence, Babita Kapoor stood up for her daughters in front of the family, and Karisma Kapoor She brought up in her way, and she tried her best to make it into films, and her first film though was a flop, but Her second film was a super hit, and she became one of the best actresses of the 90s.

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