Beauty parlour suspended inside Afghanistan

Ever since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan after that Taliban continues to rule there, he has come, completely opposed wrong things happening wholly, and there opposes them. There they were suspended. That’s why it has been found that recently a new rule will come out that the beauty parlours there have been completely closed. Women should open beauty parlours there. Then, the facility of going inside the beauty parlour was completely abolished, so now no woman will be seen there even using the beauty parlour, nor will anyone see the beauty parlour there.



The way the Taliban is ruling the people of Afghanistan is not liked by the people at all, the people there also oppose it continuously, but nothing seems to be going right from that. If it continues like this, then the people there will be troubled and listen to the voice of the common people there; they have been continuously saying that ever since the Taliban captured them, they have many dreams related to their life, that too they have opened. He cannot live his life correctly, and if he is continuously denied to do any work, how will he finally achieve anything?



The Taliban said that it would tell the reason later.



When the Taliban were asked why they wanted to close the parlour sitting there, they said they wanted to keep the reason a secret once and would tell the reason later; later, it would be known that they would finally do it like this. Why are you taking the decision? He said that if all the beauty parlours are not closed within one month, he will close them himself and be seen there taking action against those people, and if any, his government Strict action will be taken against him if he does not follow.



The women of Afghanistan are being targeted the most this time, and they are being misbehaved there because it is constantly seen that how they are being treated is very dirty. Many women are also harassed there, and where does it go if the women there continue to be harassed in this way? Then their future is in great danger. The women there are also saying in their statement that it would have been better That women didn’t even take birth inside Afghanistan. Instead, women’s performance shows that in this way, women should be allowed to live freely there; their small things are constantly being suspended.

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