Cases against Indian Oil increase as taker explodes

According to the latest update it is important to understand that the Indian Oil gas company is facing a difficult situation for the time being because according to the latest update it has been brought forward that one of its oil pipeline bastard in the Yamuna river in Uttar Pradesh and this has been responsible for creating a huge level of water pollution because Yamuna that flows by the side of that these is already polluted due to the discharge by the industries which is always untreated and after this particular incident has taken place be level of pollution and their is no particular way in which things can be controlled over the period of time and it is going to help the government to take a stick action against the company because it has not be for the first time to the company has to go to this particular kind of situation because it has not only for the first time because it was something ago that a similar kind of incident took place in Bangalore and after that it is for the second time in within 6 months that such a kind of incident has been reported at the end of the company.


A particular case has already been fibred by various Non governmental organisations against the company for polluting the environment to a great extent and not even bothering to pay the compensation in this regard because the situation is very critical for the time being and the company does not want to get intellect in a dictionary type of factors goiing to help people and definitely it is going to work to the best of the capacity because to be mentioned that it is only with the help of proper control that something can be done about it as soon as possible but if such type of controls not exercised by the government the automatically it will become possible for them to find the solution because it is going to call them a huge amount of money and they are definitely not in the position to be all of 10 because the clams are completely against the company and the company has got no other option Den to provide for a better solution.


The government has been working towards the establishment of multiple clayms and it is only with the help of proper support that government can think of a solution but if the government is not able to think of the solution then the National green tribunal will definitely carry forward the case against the company and the company will be required to pay a huge amount of compensation order to settle the entire thing that is basically against the company as a whole. It is important to understand that they level of the government at this particular point of time is beyond the level of the comprehension and this is going to help people to a great extent to find the solution

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