China’s spy balloon seen in Japan

China is not desisting from its antics at all and is continuously seen doing new wrong things one after the other. He is not even taking the name, and he continuously wants to take this world towards one violent incident in some way or the other where all the countries have stood against him during a meeting held in the last days. All the nations also used to say that China and Pakistan have a significant hand in spreading terrorism. However, despite this, China has still not repented for the mistake of its actions and is continuously doing it one after the other.



Recently, spy balloons were seen inside Japan, and no one sent these balloons, but China China is constantly keeping an eye on Japan; it has been seen spying there and the way Japan wants to make technology better for its country’s technology, for that it is extracting intelligence from there, for this it is continuously seen selling spy balloons there. Japan has said that if China does not desist from this act. If he comes, then strict action can be taken against him.



The size of the spy balloon is larger than that of many large bus fleets.



Modi is telling the size of the spy balloons seen in Japan that they do big things, the size of these balloons is huge, and all this information reaches China. He was delivering, but then the Japanese army’s eyes fell on him. He immediately said someone’s words to him. Now it is being said that Japan has given an ultimatum to China that next time if China does any such abominable act, then it will fall by hitting these balloons. China should understand that it should not do such dirty acts, and if it wants to improve itself, then it should be limited to its own country.



A few days ago, a big issue regarding China came up in a meeting of all the countries. All the countries said that China is constantly seen doing dirty acts with one country or the other, while on one side, India. They are targeting some side in India many times. They have installed spy cameras so that they can keep an eye on India’s space area. Still, they have yet to allow it to succeed in India, and now, again, Japan is not the issue. Raised that strict action should be taken against China, and it should also be removed from veto power, but till now, all the countries have not come in its opposition, and this action cannot be taken.


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