Chiranjeevi termed youth with cancer wrong.

South’s more famous actor Chiranjeevi has recently stated that his fans should not be seen with wrong rumors in any way and told his fans not to spread any wrong rumors when a case came to light that was said about Chiranjeevi in the media reports that Chiranjeevi has got cancer. Now he is admitted to a cancer hospital, his fans felt very sad about this, and he prayed a lot for his favorite star and his well-being. He tried to go, but when Chiranjeevi learned that the media had made some mistake against him, he felt horrible, and he told the press many lies.


Chiranjeevi has said during a meeting that nothing has happened to him, and he has said this to connect with people that he does not have any disease and is not suffering from any disease; he is healthy and fit. And his fans should not worry about anything because Chiranjeevi has a huge fan following in the South, and he is also seen continuously doing films there, his films are highly appreciated there, and The biggest reason why movies become blockbusters is that Chiranjeevi has played his film career for the last 30 years to the fullest.


Chiranjeevi had arrived for the inauguration of a cancer hospital.


Chiranjeevi had reached somewhere for the inauguration of a cancer hospital, and after inaugurating the cancer hospital, when he got himself checked there after that, he also participated in blood donation there; on top of that, when the media reached there. So they took it wrong that he is suffering from some primary disease like cancer, and he does not have any disease like cancer, but the real thing is that he does not have any such condition, and he is there only and only for the center. He reached there, and there was the chief guest, so he also told the people to keep getting their check ups done as much as possible.


Chiranjeevi is one of those prominent actors of South whose name was famous till Bollywood and when he continued to give blockbuster blockbusters, then after that, his son also made his own identity by appearing in South films, and he also called South films continuously. Either he has performed well in Bollywood films, and Chiranjeevi expressed great happiness that his son is also getting fame like him. It is our greatest difficulty to fight against a significant disease like cancer.

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