Conspiracy to Attack Putin’s House with Drone

There has been a complete conspiracy to attack Russian President Putin, and this attack was to be done by drones; two drones were set for this, but the security agency there is so fast that it stopped it before reaching its end. Yes, something similar happened here, the security service there had already stopped him before attacking there, but it is worth thinking that before the parade, which is to be held on the 9th, the President of Russia is being attacked like this. The attack has been considered very dangerous. All the security agencies and intelligence there have been alerted because they do not want to let any danger come over their President.


The leaders of Russia and the intelligence security there say that this attack is a conspiracy by Ukraine. If he tries badly, it will be even more dangerous for him because Russia has alerted all the forces inside Ukraine and activated the missiles of their soldiers stationed there; now, this is a big threat to Ukraine. Because America’s army is also stationed there and equipment given by many countries is also with Ukraine, the question will be whether Ukraine can answer it. This very big problem has come in front of Ukraine.


Ukraine said there was no conspiracy inside its attack.


The same President of Ukraine has said that Ukraine has no hand in this attack, Ukraine has not officially conducted any such attack, and Russia is thinking of repeatedly attacking them and destroying Ukraine. Ukraine is also saying that we have never thought of any such attack, nor have we ever conspired, and this kind of attack on the President of Russia is a big deal for us too. But Russia is not ready to accept Ukraine at all, and Russia has said it will launch a huge attack on Ukraine as soon as possible.


When it was thought to attack the President of Russia’s building, the President was not even in his building at that time; he was doing all his work from another place, so he did not face much danger, but such acts were very big for him. And also very worrying. Russian President Putin is currently doing all his work from another place, and all preparations are being made for the upcoming May 9 parade. This parade is done every year on May 9, so this year, we will also complete preparations. Although the Russian government has said that we will not make any changes, this parade will be held at the same time and place.

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