Due to Health Issues, Turkish President Erdogan Postpones His Video Speech

Due to health issues, Erdogan has canceled many events. Also, he could not even go to the $20 billion Akkuyu power plant event on Thursday.

Tayyab Erdogan, the Turkish President, also canceled his online video speech at the nuclear plant event held on Thursday because of health issues. At the time, in a live TV interview last week, he fell ill, according to the Guardian’s report.

However, the time of the video speech was 1:30 P.M. initially, but due to health issues, it was delayed to 4:30 P.M. due to Erdogan’s health concerns. However, there is no further information about that.

Due to his health concern, Erdogan has canceled many events, including the $20 billion Akkuyu nuclear plant event. However, it has been decided that Putin, the Russian President, will also be part of the event via a video link.

Before the challenging election, he will face a grouping of six parties in opposition working collectively to bring him down, Erdogan wa on his visit for the campaign.However, the nuclear power plant project is very important and helps him to grab more voters who back his strongman image and are linked closely to Putin, but unluckily because of a health issue, and as per the doctor’s advice, he canceled his plans to visit the power plant project.

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