Even after marriage, Hema did not know how to cook.

Talking about old-time home movies, Hema Malini was considered the best actress in those films, and at that time, the truth of her beauty was inside the whole world, and she was one of the most beautiful actresses ever in Bollywood. In the 1980s, when he took his film career upward, all his films could perform very well at the box office, and due to this, his name is so high in Bollywood today, and he was with Dharmendra when he got married. Hui toh use chor uchchke kissa hai hai. She has also shared with the media how she could keep herself at that time.



Hema Malini said that she never had to cook to impress Dharmendra because she never knew how to cook, and Dharmendra never even forced her to cook, which is how you live your life. I was walking the same way, and they didn’t know anything to eat even after many years of marriage. Still, when they had daughters, they taught cooking at the insistence of those daughters. Those daughters kept insisting that They wanted to eat the food made by her mother, so Hema Malini went abroad and learned to cook from her mother there, and sometimes even calling her mother home from the country, she made different types of food for her daughters so that he could learn it easily.



Hema Malini and Dharmendra were married in 1980



Bollywood’s biggest two stars, Dharmendra and Hema Malini, were married in 1980; although Dharmendra was already married when he was 19, he was married to Prakash Kaur and Parkash Kaur. They had four children, in which Sunny Deol, Bobby Deol, Ajita and Vijeta were the father of these four children, Dharmendra, but when they met Hema Malini during their film career, both fell in love with each other. Both wanted to marry, but although he was already married, he could not marry Hema Malini and did not want to divorce his first wife, Prakash Kaur.



Dharmendra adopted a different way of getting married and changed his religion. After converting, he converted to Islam; his name was Dilawar Khan in Islam, while Hema Malini also adopted Islam and named herself Ayesha Khan and both married. They got married, and Prakash Kor and Emma Malini still lived in different houses. Hema Malini’s daughters had no mother-in-law to come to Dharmendra’s house, and their first marriage was from Dharmendra’s second marriage. Their wife, Prakash Kaur, got a big shock.


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