For the first time in the history of Big Boss, a wild card entry contestant, they won the title.

Bigg Boss season is over, and this time, Bigg Boss is ultimately released on OTP. This time it was not released on television, and this is the second time Bigg Boss has been released over OTP; continuously, its popularity is very high. The work was being done, and this time also, its popularity was decreasing significantly. Elvish Yadav came inside it this time as a wild card entry. The way he completely dominated the show, People also started liking him very much, and his journey from YouTube to the Bigg Boss season was significant. He worked very hard for this. The result of the show was also excellent, and he did his work very well in this show; he is constantly being praised, and people in the country and worldwide are not tired of praising him.



Elvish Yadav has won the second season of Bigg Boss season 9 TT, and he won this season for his personality and the way people very much liked and watched his character. He came into this show with a good strategy, he was continuously expressing his feelings, and in this way, he made a good identity inside this show, while Salman Khan also became the winner of the Bigg Boss season. But many, many congratulations have been given continuously. Constantly he did not use abusive language this time, and walked inside the right way. That took him to the list of winners.



Elvis Yadav got 2500000 rupees and glittering.



Eli Shaitan has won the second season of Bigg Boss and continuously worked very hard for this. The way people have reached here after coming out of YouTube, the love of the people remained with him always, and he did not wholly leave India. He had created his atmosphere inside, after which it was essential for him to win this season, and it was very easy for him by his fans. At the same time, many Bollywood actors and actresses also came during this season, but they still needed to achieve complete success. By defeating him, he has wholly won this season, and with this, he has also made a new record that he has become the winner of the Bigg Boss season only through wild card entry.



Within Season Two of Bigg Boss OTT, Pooja Bhatt, who was a massive actress in Bollywood and the daughter of Mahesh Bhatt, was included in the final five, but she was the first one to be evicted, followed by Anushka and Manisha. Abhishek and Elvish Yadav were eliminated from Bigg Boss in the last episode. Among them, Elvish Yadav defeated Abhishek and won this season entirely. Salman Khan announced the show’s winner late last night. Named Sumit, and after that, the fans of Elvish Yadav celebrated very much, and Akhilesh Yadav thanked his fans who helped him reach this post continuously.

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