In the election environment, efforts are being made to win the election by continuously blaming another party.

The electoral atmosphere inside Rajasthan has become very intense, and the one who will try his best for his party in the coming elections his victory here is certain. In contrast, Govind Dotasara from the Congress party will be the leader of his party. He is continuously addressing one meeting after the other. He is appealing to the general public that by seeing more and more votes for the Congress party, he should make the Congress victorious, and for this, he The way Chief Minister has said for Ashok Gehlot that he has done a lot of development inside Rajasthan and in the coming time also if the public wants development, then help in making the Chief Minister again.



In Rajasthan, Bharatiya Janata Party was the party of opposition at the time. This party is now trying its best to form its government again. At the same time, Bharosa Govind Dotasara has now given a statement that if Bharatiya Janata Party comes into the government of Rajasthan, then it will Here Bharatiya Janata Party will try to end reservation, so don’t vote for Bharatiya Janata Party and Congress party wants that whoever has their share must get that much reservation. Still, the Bharatiya Janata Party always wants to uphold reservations here. I will do that because people are away from that party and give a chance to the congress party again here so that they can come there and help in development.



Govind Dotasara talked about conducting a caste census in Rajasthan.



Just a few days before the elections in Rajasthan, Govind Dotasara stated that there should be a caste census in Rajasthan and how casteism will be promoted again in Rajasthan. This thing will come to the fore in the election environment. This will affect the results after the elections because it is not good for India if the caste census is done. On the other hand, it will not be good for the politics of Rajasthan because if the caste census is done, it will be done within different castes. will fail




The way both the parties are trying to win the elections inside Rajasthan, and the way Govind Dotasara has talked about the caste census, since then, the movement in the Congress party has also intensified, as with Sachin Pilot The minister who is close to Ashok Gehlot has also appeared with him. The biggest reason for this is that Sachin Pilot rules the 50 seats of Congress. If that minister goes with Sachin Pilot, he will automatically get them. Whatever is beneficial will happen, so everyone is caught between each other inside the election environment.



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