India and Russia took a new step

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on a foreign tour, in such a situation, Prime Minister Modi’s foreign trip reached the United Arab Emirates on Saturday, and from this, you must have guessed that for some reason or the other, he is on that tour only to strengthen mutual relations. Some important things were noted on border trade between the two countries, the image of the local green city Ismail and the establishment of the Abu Dhabi campus of IIT.



The relations between the two countries will be strengthened, both the countries will get each other’s site, and both the partners will be strengthened from their position. There will be trade agreements between the two, and there will be a decline in unemployment; along with this, the currency of both countries will be strong, which will help India Will get a lot of profit and a lot of prestige from the use of Indian currency, and this will also see a boom in India’s GDP, as well as on India’s agriculture. In favour of the agreement, PM Modi said that this agreement has talked about the strong economic cooperation between the two countries.



India’s figure for the import of oil is high.



Due to how the economy is improving in India, oil consumption has also increased a bit. India pays for oil in UAE dollars. The Odia Agreement will promote the use of local currency from the list, and cross-border transactions will be delivered in rupees and UAE dirhams; the system will be interoperable, act as a link between the two countries, allowing peace investment and empathising the country’s remittances. It will also get a boost. , and in time the work will be completed without any delay.



The conversation and agreement of these two sides can lead to an outstanding achievement or achievement, which can show how the world can be moved forward with the help of each other’s country and partner agreement; like one of these conversations, the achievement is IIT Abu Dhabi. Ambika Gulati, CEO of The Millennium School Dubai, raised the question that priority will be given to those students in the new campus who say that ITI G will stay in the university by providing technology and education to each other and a lot of attention will be given to them.



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