India-Pakistan issue raised again in UN

There is a lot of discussion inside the UN regarding the issue of India and Pakistan, and many countries are continuously trying to ensure that this discussion is well discussed there. Efforts are also being made to put to rest the issue of talks between India and Pakistan as soon as possible. The problems being sent between India and Pakistan are being seen very much, about which I am completely worried inside the country and abroad. It has also increased where the country and the foreign countries are continuously trying to end the war between Russia and Ukraine, but they are trying to finish this, too. That war has yet to be completed, but A conflict can also arise between India and Pakistan in this situation. Therefore, everyone should correct the problem as early as possible. However, the biggest issue for this is Kashmir. There are so many mutual differences between the two countries regarding Kashmir. It appears to be happening.



The Kashmir issue should be discussed here as soon as possible because it is a significant issue for both countries, and they constantly want to take Kashmir to their side. However, India says this is the case in most of Kashmir. That’s why these countries are also trying to continue their efforts ultimately, the more quickly they try to do themselves well, the more they focus on themselves, the more attention they pay, the better it will be for them and In the coming times also, he will try to keep himself entirely correct, he is not trying to remove the blame on himself in any way, and hence his efforts are continuing. In contrast, Turkey has raised the issue of India and Pakistan.



Britain has also stated India and Pakistan.



Britain has also completely sided on the issue of WhatsApp Pakistan. The situation between the two countries is terrible, and they also said that if both countries talk together, they should reach a complete compromise. The sooner they get an agreement, the better it will be for those countries where the vision of each other is evident, and the citizens of both countries are seen to be similar. All the differences between the two are correct, but still, I will take up Kashmir. The sooner they try to solve it, the more they will succeed, and the more quickly they try to go away, it will become hazardous for them, and they will be more likely to return. This may be a massive challenge for them shortly.



India and Pakistan are currently considered the two best countries in the world; India is in the news for its economy, whereas Pakistan is promoting terrorism a lot, hence the situation between India and Pakistan. That is not correct because India continuously opposes terrorism. On the other hand, Pakistan repeatedly talks about increasing this terrorism, due to which India has worried that if it calls terrorism so quickly, then it will never do so. India is very allergic to the fact that as much as it is trying to stay away from Pakistan, it is not ready for any agreement with Pakistan. Still, Turkey has repeatedly raised this issue in the Assembly.



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