India’s road network increased by 60%

India is at the forefront of developing countries at this time, and the pace of development here is much more visible than in other countries and how. India has become the most developing country in the world at this time. The speed with which India’s roads are being built is very high, and the Indian Road Transport Minister and the Road Minister Nitin Gadkari have constantly tried that the work, which takes five years to complete, can be completed continuously in 1 year. Or they complete it within two years, and their budget could be much higher.



Nitin Gadkari has recently made a statement that the way roads are being built inside India and the pace of road construction is very high at this time, and if it continues like this, then it will be difficult to come. Within the next five years, road construction in India will come to the top of the world and on the other hand, Nitin Gadkari is constantly trying to make this road much less expensive than it used to cost earlier. They are helping to complete it and trying their best to put the Indian government’s money in the right way. The road construction work is currently the fastest in India.



Nitin Gadkari said that India would soon rise above America.



India’s Road Transport Minister and Road Minister Nitin Gadkari had said in his statement that the way India is going on in the speed of road construction and if it continues to work at the same speed, then within the next five years, India’s position will be first. At this time, America is the fastest in road construction. The roads there are of outstanding and perfect quality, and the road laying there is also huge, so leaving America behind, India can come above that, and Nitin Gadkari does not want to keep any shortfall in it. He is constantly trying to increase the maximum number of big express highways, while the road works have been stuck for many days.



Nitin Gadkari gave all this road construction entirely to Narendra Modi, and he said that since the way Narendra Modi had chosen Nitin Gadkari as the road transport minister, he had been continuously trying to do this for the benefit of the general public. Although he said that he has to face many problems during this work, he also receives many notices where many people have houses, they are in the shop, and many big factories also have to work for him. He may have to break for it but is not ready to stop this work.

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