Krishna lotus flower makes many diseases away – Recognition has been going on since the time of Mahabharata

The recognition of the lotus flower is very old, and it is said to be from the time of Mahabharata because belief is such that it is a very revered flower within Hinduism. It is believed to have great value within Hinduism. It is said that the blue petals inside this flower represent the Kauravas of Mahabharata and the five petals inside represent the Pandavas and the top three petals represent Brahma Vishnu Mahesh, and the blue petal represents Krishna. In this way, this whole flower is considered a worshipable flower.


It is said that the plant of Krishna Kamal grows mainly in South-East America, but you will be surprised to know that it also grows in the Himalayan plains. You will also see Krishna Kamal plants in big nurseries or famous parks. Most of all, this plant grows in the Great Himalayan National Park. It has a lot of recognition, people worship it constantly, and you can keep it in your home, too can be easily guessed. It is an effective remedy for nervous and pre-menopausal tension, PMS irritability, fatigue, tension headache, and high blood pressure.


Tea made from its leaves is also very beneficial, and must be consumed once a day.


If hot tea is made from it, it is a very easy method. Boil 1 tsp dried passion flower in a cup of water and soak it for 5-10 minutes. It is filtered and taken lukewarm. It can be taken 2-3 times a day, and it is best to take it one hour before sleeping, and it is a very great medicine in itself. This type of medicine is essential for us because, inside our bodies, their activities are very good. If we use them properly, they do many such benefits inside our body, which we cannot even think about, and we start living a good routine to live good days.


For this, we keep trying our best in different ways and can complete the work we are working hard to keep our health right. We consume such things which make our bodies healthy. We can get new energy, whether it is any medicine or medicine we use. Such medicines are also essential for the body, and the body also needs a lot, so regular intake is necessary. There are many such benefits of the Krishna Kamal flower which have not been discovered yet or about which we do not even know.




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