Lucknow’s most prominent accused was arrested for the first time after 44 years.

In 44 years gangster career Atik arrested for the first time. In 14 cases, Ateeq turned his witnesses, and in 4 cases, the government withdrew. In 12 cases, Ateeq could not be tried, and today after 44 years, Ateeq was sentenced to life imprisonment. By the way, Atik’s crime history is very long. The first case was registered against him in 1979. If we talk in total, 101 cases have been reported against Atiq, out of which about 50 are still in court.


It took so long to sentence Atiq to life imprisonment because Atiq mostly retracts his crimes, and witnesses in 14 cases against him are dead. Because of all this, people used to fear even suing him. Along with these lawsuits, Atik’s political stature also increased, and relations with politicians also improved.


According to the reports first case of his life register against him in 1979. It does not know how many cases of murder, robbery, and kidnapping have been reported against Atiq. Still, keeping all these 101 cases in mind, today, after 44 years, Atiq has been sentenced to life imprisonment. And the decision on three more ongoing issues is likely to come soon. ADG Planning Ashutosh Pandey said that since 1996 till now 50 cases are still pending in the court, and today, this decision has come against his brother Khalid Ashraf in the Umesh kidnapping case in Dhoomanganj police station of Prayag Raj and not only this, Atik’s wife and His son also has 8 cases registered against him.


His whole family is involved in many cases.


The whole family was involved in his hooliganism, and finally, truth prevailed today, and Ateeq was ultimately punished. It is being said that according to the records of the police, three significant cases have been registered against Atiq’s wife, Shaista Parveen. On the other hand, four cases are reported against his son Ali, and one is registered against his second son Umar.


All three cases against the wife are under investigation in the court, and there are many cases registered against Ali Ahmed for murder, inciting riots, and disturbing religious sentiments. In 14 cases of Atik, his witnesses have turned hostile because catching such a big gangster is a big deal. Testifying against such a big gangster is also considered death because if, in some way or the other, Atik gets out again. When it comes, the death of the one who has testified against him is inevitable, so no one wants to testify against him, and that is why witnesses have turned hostile in 14 cases and have withdrawn their claims.


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