Minister Rajendra Gudda challenged the government in Sachin Pilot’s meeting.

Inside politics are soft and hot parties; sometimes, some are seen in the hot party, and sometimes soft parties are seen. This means that many parties often need to learn about their leaders or what speeches Are given. One part is toward Ashok Gehlot, and the other is toward Sachin Pilot. A few days ago, it even came to the point that the MLAs of Sachin Pilot even asked to withdraw their names so that Ashok Gehlot’s government was also threatened. Still, the high command decided to run the government after persuading both. On Monday, Sainik Development Welfare Minister Rajendra Gudda reached there to unveil the martyr’s statue in the village of Khetri.


Sachin Pilot was also present there with him. After unveiling the statue, he came on the stage and said that if anyone has guts and has drunk mother’s milk, he should take action against Sachin Pilot and show that he remembers the sixth milk. And he said that it is because of Sachin Pilot that the government of Rajasthan is stable today. The biggest part of the formation of the government of Rajasthan is that of Sachin Pilot. Don’t lower your honor by contesting elections, Sachin Pilot should be forward.


If Sachin Pilot does not support the Congress party, then the Congress government will not be able to form in Rajasthan.


If Sachin Pilot does not lead the Congress party in Rajasthan this time, the Congress government can’t come, where his fellow minister and Congress MLA Solanki is also present. They also came on the stage and said that Sachin is not a Pilot but has made a huge contribution to the Rajasthan government. Because of him, the Congress government has been formed in the Rajasthan center today. Sachin Pilot has to be promoted inside. Otherwise, Congress can’t come to Rajasthan, and the Congress party will go on sliding inside Rajasthan.


As far as possible, Sachin Pilot should get the place he deserves as Development Welfare Minister inside Congress. Rajendra Gudda also said that by giving this power to its ministers, the Rajasthan government would do whatever it took. Jhunjhunu is part of Shekhawati, full of protests, and here, the heroines do not get all the facilities they are entitled to. Go so that they should be given the right so they can fulfill their full needs of all of them.




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