Modi hatao desh bachao slogan raised inside an inflation relief camp

In the politics of Rajasthan, the Congress government is currently engaged in carrying out its most important work inflation relief camp inside Rajasthan and it is constantly making people aware that people should reach in maximum numbers and take advantage of the scheme. There are poor people, they should take advantage of their schemes and this inflation relief camp as soon as possible and live their lives and get rid of the inflation. For this, the Rajasthan government has brought many offers at once, and you can take advantage of these schemes continuously. The Government of Rajasthan has done this program a few days before the elections because the Government of Rajasthan wants that only they should get the post in the coming government and they should be the candidate for the post of Chief Minister.


The Rajasthan government ran an inflation relief camp a few days ago. The Rajasthan government is putting a lot of emphasis on this because the Rajasthan government has played this huge bet. After all, it wants the people of Rajasthan to see them in the coming times. Elected and brought him back under the power of Rajasthan and he could once again establish his power in Rajasthan. For this, she is continuously bringing such schemes for Rajasthan so that she can woo the people there and that people can vote for her.


Slogans were raised against Modi, after which BJP workers came in protest.


Actually this incident was going on inside the Inflation Relief Camp Dausa at that time because people inside the Dausa Panchayat Samiti were getting themselves registered for their Inflation Relief Camp. At the same time, some provocative speech against Narendra Modi and Aam Aadmi Party was heard on the rest of the TV screen, after which there was a lot of commotion and people started fighting with each other. . After this, the district collector immediately came into action and he has tried his best to take action against the worker who did this and he has also lodged an FIR against the workers and now he will take action against them as soon as possible. Ready to do it. Such things promote violence in the country and violence inside Rajasthan, they will not allow this to happen at all.


After this, the BJP MLAs and BJP workers there have also strongly criticized the Congress, because such acts should not have been done by the Congress and such derogatory things against any Prime Minister or making such derogatory speeches is very bad. It is condemnable and does not promote the country’s economy or say. It does not promote peace in the country, but it is fully established in creating an atmosphere of peace.


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