Mukesh Khanna objected to the making of the Adi Purush film.

Manoj Khanna is considered one of the best actors among the old actors of Bollywood, and in his acting, he used to play the role of Villain. There, Shaktimaan serial Shiva became the most famous, and even today, children consider him their idol. Even today, he is seen making statements continuously inside Bollywood and always saying something about the right thing. He has been seen, and now he has given his statement on the film Aadi Purush which has been released at this time.



Mukesh Khanna has said in his statement that the film Adi Purush has made fun of Ramayana, and he has targeted Manoj Muntashir, the producer and writer of this film. It is said that he is very much disturbed by such dialogues and what has been done to limit him, and this film has caused a lot of damage to the dignity of Ramayana, and nothing like this is being shown in it. It happened in real life inside Ramayana, so behind making this film, the whole of Bollywood is now seen objecting, but this film has been seen doing a perfect collection at the box office.



Ramanand Sagar’s son also objected to this film.



Not Manoj Khanna, Manoj Muntashir has been blamed the most in this film because he had completed the script. In contrast, in this film, People have also been seen targeting the movie’s director for making it. At the same time, Ramanand Sagar’s side has also expressed many objections to this film, and he said that Manoj Khanna’s statement is correct. What Manoj Khanna has said is right because this film has many limitations, and the rate shown does not match Ramayana at all.



This type of film hurts Indian religious sentiments, and earlier, when Ramanand Sagar wrote the script of Ramayana and Ramayana was launched inside India, Indian people still see it, and it is the most popular film ever. It has emerged as a big religious film. After that, there are about 48 films which have been made on Ramayana, but till now, Ramayana films which will be made like Ramanand Sagar have yet to come. Ramanand Sagar’s son and Manoj Khanna have continuously criticised this film. have been seen protesting.



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