Pakistan may have to leave the World Cup too heavy.

The two chairmen of the Pakistan Cricket Board are constantly seen threatening India that they will not fully participate in the World Cup to be held in India and are always saying that if the Asia Cup is played If India can’t come to Pakistan, then Pakistan will also never go to India to play World Cup. Still, India has wholly said that it will never step on Pakistan’s soil to play in the Asia Cup, and that’s why all Indian matches have been held inside Sri Lanka. While the final will also be held inside Sri Lanka, the ICC has already given complete information about it. However, Pakistan cricket is still persistent that the Indian team should be brought inside Pakistan.



The Indian team always opposes this, and the situation in India is never close to going to Pakistan because the situation in Pakistan and India is very critical; there have been continuous ceasefires, due to which many soldiers of India have lost their lives. Pakistan’s terrorists took lives, so India is always seen making Pakistan 6 distance. At the same time, India does not allow Pakistan’s players to play even inside the Indian Premier League. They have been continuously banned. At the same time, Pakistan has its own To take revenge, he is constantly seen making rhetoric, but if Pakistan-India does not come to play, then its most significant loss is to Pakistan only. This will not harm India.



ICC can suspend Pakistan



Suppose Pakistan completely refuses to play the World Cup this time. In that case, the most significant loss will be to the Pakistan Cricket Board because the Pakistan Cricket Board, which is the most pending after India, England and Australia, is given about 50 per cent by the ICC. He gets The revenue from ICC, so he is entirely dependent on ICC, and if he refuses to play in the World Cup, he will be suspended entirely, and I will never want to keep him even for the upcoming tournament.



By playing third cricket, ICC is constantly seen taking strict action against them, while the relationship between ICC and BCCI is perfect because BCCI gives almost 70% of its revenue to ICC, and ICC earns the most from the BCCI. That’s why ICC is also dependent on BCCI, but if Pakistan Cricket Board runs, then it will stand in favour of India and will definitely take such action against India and can suspend Pakistan entirely, there it is going to happen, for that also Pakistan will be punished for this.

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