Putin praised Make in India

Russian President Putin has praised India’s statue more. Moving forward, a lot should be learned from it, and if India continues to progress, it can now see Net Sasta in an even better form. However, the relationship between Russia and India is considered very good, and Both countries are always ready to help each other.



Russia is considered a perfect friend of India and is always ready to help India continuously. Whenever India needed weapons during the war, the first Russians came with India; although all the countries India refused to pay attention to, he has always supported India; India is also always ready to repay its debt to him and tried his best to help him in any way, he says, And it is also good about Russia and India because Prime Minister Narendra Modi has visited Russia, the President of Russia also came here in the last few days.



Putin said that the role of Make in India would be adopted in Russia.



Addressing the Parliament House, the son said that he would make the plan of Make in India within it because the way India benefits a lot from this plan; in the same way, he wants to benefit from it, and for this, He is entirely ready to make a plan, and he has also formed his team, which will prepare a plan called Make in Russia within Russia under the Make in India plan. Within this plan, all the preparations that will help India have been done, But it was sweet. Help is also being taken from India, while Putin is constantly worried about his country’s economy because his economy has declined in the last few days.



Concerned with the ever-decreasing economy, the President of Russia, Putin, wants to take a decision now that he should oppose Russia’s system like India and the way India is a developing country, but Russia is already considered a vast developed country. If India is like this it can, then Russia can perform even better than that, so I want to say that in some way, their economy also comes up, and they are seen working in a good way while there is a lot of pressure on them from the country and the world.


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