Rahul Gandhi travelled 190 km with a truck driver in America.

Rahul Gandhi, considered the most prominent leader of the Indian Congress at this time, is currently on a tour of America and therefore for the re-development of the Congress party and to improve the image of the way the Congress party has lagged inside India. He has visited America, where he met two leaders of the Congress there, and he met the American MPs there for a long time, and his visit is increasing continuously. Although it was supposed to be 2 to 3 days earlier, now it has been 7 to 8 days, and Rahul Gandhi is seen enjoying his tour to the fullest.



Rahul Gandhi behaves like a common citizen there because he has now been removed from the post of MP in India. Also, when a defamation case was filed against him, the Government of India decided to remove him from this post. And after that, when he reached there, he had to stand in line inside America for a long time, and when asked after standing in the line at the airport, he said that he was also a common citizen and Wanted to stay like this. How he met the Congress leaders there and tried to save the Congress party is a big thing in itself, and he wants to see the Congress party emerge again.



Rahul Gandhi was surprised when America’s truck driver told his salary ₹ 800000



Rahul Gandhi met a driver in America, and that driver was a truck driver, and he said that he wanted to drive this truck for a while, so the driver gave it to Rahul Gandhi to drive the truck, and later, he used this truck. They were seen discussing, and they didn’t even know from the truck driver how it works or how its seats are; all these things were mentioned there. After that, when he asked the truck driver how much his salary could be, the American driver said that this salary is very common here and any truck driver could easily earn this much.



This truck driver was of Indian origin, with whom Rahul Gandhi travelled. Rahul Gandhi’s journey was very long, as this journey was 190 kilometres. Rahul Gandhi enjoyed it entirely. After that, the truck driver and Rahul Gandhi went to a restaurant. Still, they watched eating food together, and people also made their videos. Rahul Gandhi also posted this video on his social media account and wrote that the life of Indian truck drivers is complicated.

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