Rajinikanth talks about his films

Rajinikanth is a massive superstar in South films, and the way he has worked in South films, he is given a lot of respect and even to the point that he has a temple inside the South. You can get it made because there are a lot of people who worship him there, the way. He started working in films in the South, and since then, he accepted the South as his everything, but in the world of the film industry, he started new. He worked in new roles in various ways and is playing the part perfectly today.



Rajinikanth interacted with the media there for a long time during the audio launch of the film Jailer, and in this, he talked for a long time about the world of his movies, how he made his list of films and when he came from a low-income family. After coming out of the film industry, when he entered the movie, he had to face many difficulties he had to face, he mentioned entirely along with it. He also thought it right to tell people about his personal life; he said that when he got Bollywood movies, they were liked a lot.



Rajinikanth said he could have helped the world if there was no alcohol.



Rajinikanth also talked about his personal life for a long time, and he said that he was very much addicted to alcohol, due to which many years of his career went terribly. If he does not get addicted to alcohol, then If there was no liquor in this world, he could have helped people even more. He is helping many people in the South as well, the way he donates to the poor, and the way he is running the trust. There is a lot of worship there, and no one is ready to hear about Rajinikanth; everyone is always prepared to die for him.



Rajinikanth said that when Sonu started working in South films, he was very happy for the love given by the people here and thanked them the most, and because of them, even today, he works in films for them. He appears to be there, and apart from this, he has no other motive, he just wants to keep his fans happy here, and he is acting for this happiness; otherwise, he would have left working at the time, but this is the least. Ko is not ready to quit acting, and he said that until he dies, he will continue working and never let his fans down.


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