Russia attacked the largest city in Ukraine

Russia is constantly engaged in furthering the war with Ukraine, and it does not want to do any work after Russia and Ukraine in any way, but in this effort, it has gone even further; it has completely abandoned the big cities of Ukraine, it wants to establish its dominance there, whatever action it can take in the middle of the Prince. Still, Russia is not taking the name of stopping at all, and there is a lot of damage to both countries, but both countries are not ready to accept this. How significant a loss they may have to face in the coming future; while America has tried many times to completely stop the war between these two, if it has happened till now, it is not even taking the name of stopping.



Russia currently has the world’s most significant military power. From that, it seems to be taking advantage of the leader because, in this way, he has destroyed the country of Ukraine. He could also attack the country because he wanted to attack Ukraine and take all the oil resources there to increase his business and dominance above America. It is known that America is the largest country in the world at this time, which has progressed in everything, and this is the first time anyone in this world has achieved it.



China’s grain was kept where Russia attacked



When Roshni attacked Ukraine, there was a lot of grain from China. In its attack, three injured were destroyed today which Ukraine has expressed great concern in this way, it should not have harmed China’s grain at all because it was essential for them where it was going to reach very quickly, but before that, it attacked them in such a way that they could not do anything in a hurry. The whole old one has been destroyed in the same place today, now China is continuously Ukraine Is demanding its pride from Russia, and in one way or the other, there can be chances of this increasing war between Russia and China because now there can be complete preparations for the world war to happen.



The way violence inside the countries is increasing continuously, one after the other, the possibility of a third world war has ultimately increased in the coming time because of the way Russia and Ukraine both countries have been fighting for bribes for a long time if China comes in the middle of it. It can be a massive war. Sitting there, it is constantly trying to escape this dispute; why? What if Nishad comes inside? Then it will ultimately take the form of a third world war. Hence, no country Wanted that the Third World War. Many countries go as a symbol of peace, and America constantly says it should leave the side of continuous violence.



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