Russia planned to kill 250 Ukrainian soldiers

The war between Russia and Ukraine is going on continuously and efforts are being made to stop this war, but the war going on between Russia and Ukraine is not even taking the name of stopping and Russia is continuously attacking Ukraine one after the other. Russia has done a lot of damage inside Ukraine, has caused a lot of damage to the people there, in this way the results of this war are going to be very wrong and if this war is started at the right time If not stopped, it can prove to be very dirty for both the countries in the future and in their future.


Russia is not holding back from attacking Ukraine and they are continuously doing new missile tests on them in new ways, the people of Ukraine are being harmed, while the people of Ukraine are suffering a lot from this war. The people of other countries who were living there are worried and they have said that if the results of the war are delayed like this, then one or the other country will have to retreat, but now no All the countries are not even taking the name of backing down, on one hand, Russia seems to be showing its strength there, but it also suffered a lot because it is making a direct difference to its economic condition.


Huge impact on the economic situation of Ukraine


Along with being powerful, Russia is also very strong economically and the military weapon it has is also very much, due to which it is not backing down and there is every possibility of causing a lot of damage to both the countries. UNO is saying that if both the countries adopt this war in a peaceful manner or if they stay away from this quarrel, then it can have a good effect on their economy, although at this time the economy of both has completely fallen and both The development that was inside the countries has also stopped completely, so these countries should agree that they need to create a peaceful environment, not war.



At the same time, Russia has been seen using nuclear weapons on it continuously one after the other, and now it is also saying in such a way that if Ukraine continues to insist on its stubbornness, then it will not back down from its stubbornness. Russia has now made a claim that they have killed about 250 Ukrainian soldiers of Ukraine together.

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