Russia registers another spectacular win over Ukraine.

The war between Russia and Ukraine has not shown any sign of stopping till now, and the situation there has been getting worse one after the other continuously for the last two years, which is constantly visible from the lens of the Prime Minister of Ukraine. He is also trying to stop this war as far as he can, and the sooner he can stop it, it will become essential for his country. Ukraine has stood against him till now. This is a big thing for them. For a country like Ukraine, the war situation becomes terrible, and if we look at Russia, it is fragile but still has stood till now with help. This is a considerable achievement, and till now, he is continuously trying to become essential for him as soon as possible.



If we talk about the second one, then between Russia and Ukraine, both countries are against each other. Both countries have reached a state of extreme war. The issue of people dying for each other is also being done there. They are seen taking very wrong actions against each other, and if such actions can be seen intensely there, they will have to be prepared for serious consequences in the future. They will be ready to avoid the severe consequences of this strategy; in the future, many of their children will be significantly spoiled, and they will not try to prepare themselves against this strategy. Ukraine is also not wholly ready to accept that its technology is too much; it has tiny weapons and can never face Russia. He has also been standing in front of him continuously and is seen fighting in front of him and killing many of his people.



Ukraine claimed to belong to the Russian people.



In Ukraine, like Russia, it is taking action entirely against the people of Russia and strengthening its claims against the people of Russia. It is trying to destroy its people, and the action that should be taken against them should be done very swiftly because the situation in Russia is very good at the same time. If its condition is like this, then If this continues, Ukraine will have to bear its entire loss, and Ukraine will not be at all prepared for the case because it will be tough for a country like Ukraine to take pride in here, and this pride is significant for us here. This will have to be done very quickly because the way we see that there has been a lot of change in the last few days, the people’s strategy also seems to be changing a lot, and this strategy is entirely different from Ukraine.



Hence, it is tough for any country to compete with it, whereas no one wants to compete with that country, but you should not wholly make this claim. What he did is that he ultimately killed his senior officers. He claimed to have killed about 50 officers, and how valid this claim is cannot be confirmed yet. He has become frail, and his condition seems to worsen daily, which is a massive loss for him.



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