Russia will sell its Penthouse to pay for the ongoing war between Ukraine.

A vast war has been going on between Russia and Ukraine for the last one and a half years, and these two countries are constantly fighting with each other and are seen fighting a vast war, although both countries have not given up yet. And there is no victory over any country, but you have always been seen to be heavy on Ukraine, while Ukraine also does not back down and has said that it will not allow Russia in any way to fight against its country. Will not let it occupy, and for this, different countries are helping Ukraine in different ways, and they are still seen doing everything possible for them.


Russia suffered a massive loss during the World War because it has been continuously supplying weapons; it has had to bear a considerable cost, while the price of its soldiers is also very high, while the cost of missiles is continuous. It has also increased a lot, due to which all these expenses have become so much that now the Russian government has to hold a separate meeting on these as well, how to prepare these expenses for the future. And how to remove all these, for this their government has held a meeting, inside this meeting it is now decided how these expenses will be developed in different ways.


Selling the Penthouse will almost clear the expenses.


Russia has a penthouse, which it can sell to cover all the expenses of its war, and by selling it, it can almost cover the money of the fighting because it is a vast penthouse house, and its value is being told very high. Its price will be fixed only after the auction, and bids will be placed on it; after that, who takes it and buys it by paying the most? It will be a huge thing to see, and the Russian government is constantly trying to get Penthouse to be sold within as many countries as possible.




Both countries have now fallen into such a big war. They are not even taking the name of getting out in any way because while Russia is also standing on its point, Ukraine is also not ready to back down, and if both we keep fighting with each other in the same way, then both can see considerable losses in the future as well, but till now it has not been decided that who will win and who will be defeated in this war, now let’s see The interesting thing will be that till when this war is decided, either Ukraine gets victory, or it retreats. Still, now, it has yet to be determined. The time to come is significant for both countries.

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