Sachin Pilot and Ashok Gehlot will be seen together then.

Inside the politics of Rajasthan, a lot of war which has been going on for the last few days has been seen to end entirely because there was a lot of estrangement between both Sachin Pilot and Ashok Gehlot; there were many differences between the two. Once Sachin Pilot had decided to leave the party, he was seen entirely opposing the party within the last five years, within these five years when he left the post of Chief Minister. After that, Gehlot was continuously seen targeting the government, and he kept the Gehlot government completely upset.



China Pilot raised many issues for the people of Rajasthan. He focused on only one thing within these issues that he should go in the interest of the people of Rajasthan because of the way he said that the Congress party was chosen, not because of the people of Rajasthan This is because it brings good schemes for the system of development which keeps it right here and because of this if that Congress party does not do this, then it will completely break the trust of the people of Rajasthan. For this reason, He constantly appealed to Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot to refrain from doing any such work which would break the general public’s faith towards the Congress party. Still, in the end, Sachin Pilot would have to announce that now he is against the Congress in Rajasthan.



Sachin Pilot said that the CM post would be announced after the victory.



When the media asked Sachin Pilot, he said that he respects Ashok Gehlot very much and will not let Ashok Gehlot go away in any way, and together, they are seen campaigning for the Congress party. Will come, and this time, his efforts to get the Congress party repeated here again will be in full swing. He said that Ashok Gehlot has entirely accepted their demands, and now this is the time for the youth of Rajasthan. There will be a tremendous golden opportunity when all their dreams are seen coming true, and the unemployment allowance for the unemployed will also be provided as soon as possible.



Sachin Pilot further said that the candidate for the post of Chief Minister is declared after the election. It is always decided only after winning the election who will become the Chief Minister, and all these plans are made in the meeting of the MLA’s heart. Are prepared, and because of that, Mallikarjun card when he had a conversation, said to forget the old things and move forward, and he is now moving forward with this.



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