Sanjeev Kumar was a great struggle artist of Bollywood.

If we talk about Bollywood, we have yet to get Bollywood ultimately, but if we try to make any career, then struggle becomes very important in it. We make constant efforts regarding this struggle, and we have this conversation. The more one works, the more one will have fun in creating one’s area, and there can be many people within Bollywood as well, as far as those who are against nepotism, those who do not come from nepotism yet somehow become stars. For those who are not kids, there is a lot of struggle inside Bollywood in their lives. We cannot see them in their place; we always see their success, so it is entirely for us to see things for them. It is essential because after coming out of struggle in life, the way they do their work, the way they are prepared to do their job, it becomes necessary for them.



In the middle of the 1970s, when Bollywood was in full swing, many of the Bollywood directors were looking very different. New actresses were coming, and somehow, there was no promotion of nepotism within Bollywood. However, the rise started after 2000; after that, nepotism had taken birth here, and it was utterly rampant here. But the change that we made when we were on the network was also very remarkable, due to which the entire atmosphere created here was also created. If we talk about Sanjeev Kumar, Sanjeev Kumar also went through a similar career. Sanjeev Kumar had started his career brilliantly here in Bollywood. After that, he slowly started doing whatever he had planned and gradually tried to learn about new things. He became increasingly weak due to that.



Sanjeev Kumar had also talked about going against nepotism.



Sanjeev Kumar was utterly trying to go against nepotism, and in this effort, he created a massive stir in Bollywood. After that, he stopped making films, and somehow No, no one was ready to give the movie because all the directors wanted to make their status here. If anyone becomes a victim of such controversies continuously, then he will be portrayed here in a very wrong manner. It is seen that he is also being looked at in a similarly inappropriate way here, about which the entire discussion has been seen here, and the complaints regarding him are also being spread at a very high pace here. Was seen from



Even today, in India, such activities take place entirely within Bollywood. Sanjeev Kumar was right regarding his actions then, and his words are remembered very much today, entirely within Bollywood. Even today, his identity is on a very different level; people see him in a very different way, the conversations about him that he is seen having here, the kind of things that everyone says happen here every day. Sanjeev Kumar had also said very early that in the coming time, Bollywood will go in a very different direction, about which he should think very quickly about this too. They think about how much they become aware of it, and it will become more and more critical for them to be complete.



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