Shahrukh Khan said that Ghori was in critical condition at Aryan’s birth.

Shahrukh Khan has recently given an interview, and during that interview, he also appeared there discussing his wife, Gauri Khan; he shared many things there, saying that when Aryan was about to be born So the condition of Gauri Khan at that time became very critical and at that time he was very scared because Shah Rukh Khan’s parents were also not in this world, due to which no one was present inside the hospital with him. Wasn’t there, and when Gauri Khan was admitted inside the hospital in 1997 when Aryan was to be born, she was admitted to the hospital for many days.



Shah Rukh Khan further said that whenever Gauri Khan was present in the hospital, he used to sit there continuously, and he was constantly worried that something untoward might happen again. The child was not so worried that he was worried about Ghori Khan, he was afraid that nothing might happen to Ghori Khan, and he was constantly seen praying; his prayers were finally accepted, and his child and Gauri Khan, i.e., Aryan also turned out to be healthy, and Gauri Khan was also cured after the operation completely healthy.



Gauri Khan is currently an interior designer.



Gauri Khan did not want to make herself the wife of a big star in any way because, in this way, there are many wives in Bollywood whose name is not so big. Their husband’s name is huge, But Ghori Khan never did that. Shahrukh Khan also said that she always wanted to do something for herself, but Shahrukh Khan never stopped her and always allowed her to do something. She has given and been seen supporting her entirely for this; although Ghori Khan could have remained a wife like other women, she did not do so.



Ghori Khan is currently an interior designer with money, she is also seen producing many films, and she is also a good film director; in many films, she has worked in which she is seen doing small roles, but in the film The Craze, she has inside is not that much. She wants to avoid going into the acting world, so she is seen doing very few small roles. Still, as the film producer, she plays a good role. And there, she has been seen doing very well with her earnings, so Shahrukh Khan is also continuously supporting her inside Bollywood.

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