Shahrukh was seen talking about his film Jawan

Shahrukh Khan is very excited about his upcoming film Jawan. He has worked a lot on this film, and June’s performance is excellent, and people like it. In a way, he is seen praising it very much. While looking at its collection at the box office, we can get a complete idea of the film’s popularity, whereas Shahrukh Khan released the film after a long time. Although he took a complete break between and after the break, his plan to work in the movie Jawan was a complete success, and he has done a lot of work in this film. His acting skills are very high, and he is seen as a policeman in this film, which he enjoyed and said that he is ready for this film.



Shahrukh Khan’s popularity in Bollywood is very high, and his popularity is increasing daily. He has done his job as an actor very well and never left acting and asked anyone to do anything. On one hand, all the actors, directors and producers are seen doing this kind of work except acting, but Shahrukh Khan, who never did this kind of work, is always proud of his acting. He is in the news for his films and always tries to move ahead. For this, he keeps working, and in this, he is pleased and is seen enjoying himself with his family.



Shahrukh Khan’s Jawan film is highly praised in Bollywood.



Shahrukh Khan’s Jawaani film is being praised a lot within Bollywood, and its collection at the box office has so far reached Rs 700 crores, much ahead of any other Pathan film. It is fully expected to go, and Pathan’s film was also Shahrukh Khan’s film, which was released in 2023. Shahrukh Khan has also said that Pathan’s film is his perfect one, but he has done something different in Jawan. He did the role so people liked it very much, he greets people a lot, and yesterday during the success party of his film Jawan in Mumbai, he invited many actors and actresses there where many people were present. Everyone got to see them and thoroughly enjoyed the success party there. After this, Shahrukh Khan also greeted everyone very nicely.



Apart from Shahrukh Khan, during this success party, Shahrukh Khan’s son was also seen there, and regarding his son, Shahrukh Khan always said that his daughter motivated him a lot during the break. Shahrukh Khan announced again inside the film. He was not ready to work, but his son repeatedly told him that he could do less in the cinema again. His identity in movies is vast, and if he does not leave it this way, he gives it, which will not be suitable for him. People also like to watch his drama very much. He said that he would take his son for the next five years. He will be seen doing films in Bollywood, although, after five years, he may leave working in Bollywood.



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