Sonu Sood continues to do workouts even after breaking his leg.

In Bollywood, we work very hard for the way we see stars. They do such things that we can’t even think about. We only see them on the screen. They also have a world behind the screen. He works hard day and night, and for that, he also goes to the gym and takes care of his food very much. What kind of food we have to eat, what kind of food we don’t have to eat, take care of everything, prepare your next schedule, Yogesh Bhateja, a gym trainer in Andheri West, Mumbai’s Andheri West for the last ten years.


The special thing is that their clients are Sonu Sood, Tamannaah Bhatia, Kangna Ranaut, and 17 other celebrities working in Bollywood and continuously training with Yogesh Bhatej, a resident of Delhi, who reached Mumbai for the first time in 2013. After reaching Mumbai, he started working as a gym trainer. He said Sonu Sood had come to him earlier to take Bollywood training. Yogesh was not a gym trainer, and Yogesh was Sonu Sood’s first gym trainer. Yogesh says that when Sonu Sood came to him for training in 2013, he had a broken leg when his film R Rajkumar was shooting. However, he still Vaishakhi Used to come to the gym with him and do his workouts, and the shooting of his second film was going on, for which he used to go to different places to shoot and never stopped doing workouts.


Sonu Sood is very dedicated towards his work, helps the needy in every situation


It was very nice to work with him. And his behavior is also very good. We used to shoot at two places, once in Mumbai and once in Hyderabad, but this shooting was also a great balance. We did it continuously for seven days. After shooting from there, we went to Mumbai and then Hyderabad. Still, Sonu Sood did not get tired, and he used to be very motivated in doing his work. A motivated person like Sonu Sood is rarely seen, and It was very nice that Sonu Sood is so motivated.


Sonu Sood started doing films one after the other, and now his body is very good, and the more he works on his body, the more he gets stronger. Kangana Ranaut Once, she put on 20 kilos for a movie and then lost that too. Yogesh helped her a lot, and she was very happy she got the body she wanted.

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