Strict action against terrorists who attack India

When the attack on Pathankot took place inside India, the Indian news agency, the cigarette agency of India, was in the news a lot. Everyone had no idea about it, and the secret agency was very much in the report. It was not possible to make up for this because the terrorists who had come from inside Pakistan were ready to eradicate India, and the plan they had made to destroy India was also theirs. Success was not seen here, after which full action was taken against him, but nothing was found in this action, either.



Pakistan’s continuous action against those terrorists continued, and a terrorist named Shahid was said to be its mastermind. The terrorist had escaped quickly, and a primary reason behind his attack was also being made public. It was noted that some people of India were continuously supporting him; Indian people have a hand in the terrorist activities being carried out against India, and some of the high-ranking leaders of India have taken such action. Make every possible effort to get to know about the secret agencies of India, which are constantly trying to find out about them, because, regarding the security of India, everyone here is continually trying to ensure that as much as possible is done. How many actions can be taken against India’s security?



Shahid was completely caught inside Pakistan yesterday.



Shahid was ultimately successful in the Pathankot attack through his mastermind. At that time, he was held entirely responsible for it, after which the action against him was also wholly intensified. The Indian government had also become active to see that the action against him was being strengthened. The Indian government had also continuously issued a reward against him and had put him at the top of the list of his sailors. So that he can be arrested as soon as possible and action against him can be investigated as quickly as possible, and wherever he is found, he should be killed. The country has also issued a warrant against him, regarding which I have been continuously talking to the news and cigarette agencies. She was seen working constantly at many places. People from the Indian Embassy were also trying to catch her mastermind as soon as possible, but yesterday, she was utterly killed inside Pakistan. And it is also considered to be a big reason behind eliminating terrorists from inside Pakistan.



Pakistan was continuously promoting terrorism, but the reason behind calling it a terrorist in this way has not been revealed till now. Still, the terrorist Google was eliminated there, although it goes against Pakistani activities. Even if it was visible, Pakistan could destroy it. It will be a big thing for Pakistan because if it stops terrorism, it will be a good thing for it in the future, and it will have a good treaty with India. He can become a leader. If he continuously supports the terrorists, a big problem will arise for him.



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