Sugarcane juice can also be harmful to health – can take your life

The most liked juice in the summer season is sugarcane juice, and usually, we get sugarcane juice in the summer season. At every crossroads, we get one or the other machine that gets us sugarcane juice but Is this sugarcane juice good or bad for our bodies? With sugarcane juice, we are not drinking grease and oil in the machine. If we drink grease and oil with sugarcane juice, then it will harm our bodies. The risk of major diseases like ulcers and cancer increases, which is very harmful and can also cause death.


Usually, sugarcane juice is the most preferred juice in summer because in ₹ 10 We get a small class of this and the taste of sugarcane juice, there will hardly be a person who does not want to drink it, and in summer, there is no person who can wash his body or throat with sugarcane juice. But it also has a big disadvantage because the shopkeeper applies grease and oil to the machine from which sugarcane juice comes out, and this oil and grease is used in the same part from which sugarcane juice comes out.


Drink sugarcane juice where there is good cleanliness


If we take that oil and grease inside our body through juice, it can cause ulcers and cancer because of the amount of petroleum found in this oil and grease, which causes great harm to our bodies. This may be because entering the body of petroleum products stops our body’s oxygen supply so that we can die immediately. Some people also ask what can be a better option for drinking sugarcane juice and discuss the same. Some people say that we should drink sugarcane juice where there is the maximum amount of cleanliness and where the juice is extracted with cleanliness.


Some also believe that we should stay away from shopkeepers who have jugaad machines. We should not drink sugarcane juice from them because they neither keep cleanliness nor have some measures to avoid that grease or oil, due to which we get that oil or grease inside it, which makes our bodies very unhealthy. There is a big loss, we often like to drink sugarcane juice in summer, but it can also cause death for us, so we have to use it only after examining it the most and care that we have to drink sugarcane juice.

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