Sunil Grover was seen doing street hawking.

He is always made to be in the spotlight, one way or the other; he comes in hundred rupees and always the controversies that seem to be going on with him. He always plays a character who is highly respected in India, the way when he stepped into the world of comedy; he had no idea that he would get so many fans, and today, he has a lot of fans from millions worldwide. He likes it more and likes to watch it, but till now, he is not working on any such movie or show.



After the fight between Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover in The Kapil Sharma Show, he left the Kapil Sharma Show, and since then, he has been seen continuously moving away. However, he has played minor roles in many films as well. However, he worked in 1 2 web series as well, but he could not get all those things. He is one of the very best actors in comedy, and the way he is aware of his work, the way he does his work, his way is very different. Still, He is not getting any good place in Bollywood, nor can he give him such a place to achieve his heights.



Sunil Grover has been on the road for the last three days.



Sunil Grover has been seen selling street hawkers for the last three days; sometimes he is seen selling umbrellas there, and sometimes he is seen making Chole Bhature, and in this way, it is his hobby or he is doing this for any film project or any web series project that they are doing it all as a hobby.



In this way, he is seen doing such things to fulfil his hobby, and he says that he always enjoys his life; he does not think at all about what anyone will think about him, and no one can even guess why Sunil is doing this. It is very popular, and people love to watch this show even today; this show continues, and people tend to enjoy it to a great extent. Still, he played that character only for fun and enjoyment whenever Sunil Grover worked in this show or whenever he was a part of any episode.



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