Sushant’s sister made an objectionable tweet. It is written why you will stop.

Sushant Singh Rajput used to be one of the famous stars of Bollywood, but due to someone’s pressure and due to too much stress, he thought it better to kill himself, and he killed himself by hanging himself. Talks went on for days and an actress Riya whose name used to be with him because Riya was said to be Sushant’s girlfriend. It is because of her that Sushant Singh committed suicide because there was a constant attempt to put pressure on him. After he had to kill himself, Sushant Singh Rajput had a distinct identity in Bollywood. He was very calm and kept completely away from the other actors.


He did not like anything like controversy in Bollywood. He focused more on his films. He used to give and love whatever work he got. His movie MS Dhoni, The Untold Story, was liked the most because the role of MS Dhoni in it was unique. Seeing him, it felt like He made everything feel as if Mahendra Singh Dhoni was in that movie, after which Mahendra Singh Dhoni also praised him a lot.


Disputes keep happening between Riya and Sushant Singh Rajput’s sister


However, when Riya gave this information by tweeting, Sushant Singh’s sister Priyanka Singh tweeted that she is returning in the 19th season of Roadies. She has also written that I thought I was scared, but it is not so. I am returning. You are not afraid, we know, and we also know that you are a prostitute, and you do not know who its consumer is, and we do not know who is supporting you behind you, and for this, Priyanka Singh has given someone’s name.


He has not taken this tweet anonymously, but the direct target of this tweet is being told as Sushant’s girlfriend because Priyanka has been seen continuously tweeting about her, and she demands Justice for her brother. He is doing films in Bollywood, taking advantage of the prosperity that his brother got in Bollywood, and is very bad with his brother. Priyanka Singh doing this is also right in her place. Still, speaking openly wrong to someone is also being told wrong for her. Priyanka Singh has clarified that she is not tweeting by taking anyone’s name. She made a universal tweet. By which he may understand as he pleases, but they know that for whom they have done it, that is better for them.



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