Taliban took another new political decision

Ever since the Taliban took over Afghanistan, they are seen making many changes there, one after the other, the people there are also troubled, and the people there say that In this way, the atrocities that he has on them are increasing considerably. However, when the Taliban took over Afghanistan, at that time, he said that he would take over Afghanistan to give a new look to the Taliban. They are doing and will not disturb the general public there in any way and will help run the Afghanistan government in the same way they used to run the Taliban. Still, nothing like this happens there, and their people are treated differently. People are being banned for small things. People are not being given any freedom. There people living there in the total group are falling.



Afghanistan was earlier a very developed country, continuously there were a large number of people living there and the atmosphere there was perfect, slowly the Taliban started occupying Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, and the way there America’s service was working for the last 100 years, Na was removed entirely from there, and Taliban ultimately did this removal work, Taliban said that they want to take Afghanistan completely in their part. They Will rule there through the Taliban and treat everyone there well, but there is continuous exploitation of women in very high amounts, and women are also being misbehaved there.



All political parties have now been suspended inside the Taliban.



Taking new decisions one after the other inside the Taliban, there is an eye on them, and now all the pulicati kal pariyas have been completely suspended. It will not come, and the Taliban have decided that only the Taliban will rule here. No other party can have any rule here, so they have suspended them. Now, any new leader inside the Taliban Can’t show filling because now the government of the Taliban will be seen there running its rule entirely in the coming time.



They were pleased with their government and how it was running them. The people of Afghanistan were also continuously creating a suitable environment one after the other. But from the point of view of the Taliban, when Afghanistan fell, they ultimately started occupying Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, and today Taliban has occupied the whole of Afghanistan, where women are not even allowed to open any beauty parlour. No artist can even play music there, and many such programs have been closed by the Taliban there, and in the coming time, more work can be seen to stop.



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