The Indian team made a massive record in its name.

At present, the Indian team is bustling in the Asia Cup, and it is continuously trying to win the Asia Cup this time so that it can prepare well for the upcoming World Cup in such a way that the World Cup is very close. After this, India has to go to Australia to play the ODI series, for which it will be seen fighting against the strongest teams like Australia. In the same way, India, which was very worried about its performance, is also concerned. In yesterday’s match, it was seen that it was going away very much, the way India was always not getting the batsman for number four, now that problem has wholly appeared to be happening to India, after which the Indian cricket team The fans are also pleased because everyone’s focus is on the upcoming World Cup, however, if the Indian team wins the Asia Cup, then it will be a big motivation for India before the World Cup.



Indian team captain Rohit Sharma said that his initial intentions were very different, and he constantly wanted that when he entered the Asia Cup, he would ultimately improve his past shortcomings regarding his performance. Although the first match between India and Pakistan was cancelled entirely due to rain, it was never completed. No decisive decision was found in the second match of the game when 10 The game was to be held in September, and that too was stopped on the first day due to rain. However, the Asian Cricket Council had already given a reserve for it so that the match between India and Pakistan could not be spoiled due to rain and those who came for it. Those people should get complete help here as to how they reached here, and that is why their entire effort was to make it visible that this match was conducted entirely within the result day. This match went well inside, although the possibility of rain was also very high.



The batting order for the Indian team appeared to be getting stronger.



The batting order of the Indian team had always been a concern for the Indian team because they did not have any batsman available to bat at number four, after which the BCCI had also said that as many players as possible. India should be prepared to avoid any problems during the World Cup, and it never wants to see itself lagging in the World Cup because this time, the claim for the World Cup will ultimately be India’s and India’s only. If he wins the World Cup by staying in India, it will be a significant achievement for India. In 2011, when the World Cup was held inside India for the last time, then-Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni said India Had put in a lot of effort to win the World Cup.In the same way, he was successful very quickly in his actions. Hence, Rohit Sharma will also fully hope that he will win the World Cup in India this time. Could you give it to India?



The Indian team is fully prepared for the series with Australia, and the Indian team for that series will also be announced very soon. Allen’s Australia team is getting solid at the moment. The way they have won the series against South Africa, they have defeated South Africa brilliantly in both matches. During the first match, the Australian team was not winning at all. Still, the way they backed up, Kiya tried to bring his players up to the best level and in this effort, his players were seen performing very well, and their performance ultimately helped them win in such a big match. Registering was a big thing; he is seen moving forward with his victories.


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