The Rajasthan Chief Minister made a new announcement for the districts.

The way elections have come very near in Rajasthan, and after that, the political activities here have also become very intense. Somehow the government here wants to repeat itself, and its full He is seen trying, the way the Government of Rajasthan had announced the dearness relief camp. Either way, if this mission is successful, then it will help him a lot in the upcoming elections, and he can win votes in the next election.



Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has just issued a new notification about the new districts that have been formed inside Rajasthan, and he has said that if he releases the information prominently, then the districts which are not inside Rajasthan will be included within the day. His work will start, and the way the work of new districts will start there will be on his instructions; he is very much prepared for these districts and is trying very hard to get these districts as soon as possible. The districts should be made inside Rajasthan, and he said that if possible, even before the elections, these 15 districts can be made inside Rajasthan.



15 new districts will be formed from 125 tehsils



Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot said that for the 15 districts that will be formed within the new Rajasthan, he would take 125 tehsils together and make districts that are not being formed by merging 125 tehsils. He has already officially announced them and added them to Rajasthan. The number of districts within Rajasthan will reach close to 50, and for many days, it was being discussed in Rajasthan when New Delhi would be built inside Rajasthan. Still, Ashok Gehlot announced the land, then after that, his opposition was also seen in many places. I got it, but still, they are fully ready with the engineers here, and now it is necessary information that the government will issue soon.



The Bharatiya Janata Party has continuously protested here to create new districts inside Rajasthan. He has said that Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot wants to divide Rajasthan into many parts, but Rajasthan should be divided differently. In this way, their protest was also visible at many places, where it was also said that they should be kept inside the old districts only, but till now, no significant effect has been seen from this protest, and now how can it be done entirely here? Ready to be divided, and the BA 15 districts will be formed. The thing to be seen after that is how soon the work starts in them.



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