Twitter will pay content creators for advertising and advertising.

The formula has been started anew, and Elon Musk has said that he will bring Twitter from the old style to an entirely new style, and he wants to run his account according to today’s technology so that he will keep the old things. Whether it is any old update related to Twitter, they have finished it, whereas the new things and new choices they have made for Twitter.


Twitter is such a social media account that is constantly in the headlines in itself, and people are seen using it a lot because it is a significant application of the people, and here is the way Twitter is used in the world. Made trending, people are seen tweeting continuously on Twitter and have put it in front of the world in different ways; here, people are seen giving their opinion, and there is considerable controversy. Nowadays, it is done through Twitter because there is a social media account where you can write your thoughts, share your thoughts, and keep your opinion here.



Twitter will pay for advertising only to verified accounts.



Elon Musk has now given another new update on Twitter, and he has said that he will start paying money to content creators because of which their popularity on Twitter has increased. They should be paid according to their popularity. Now, ads come on top of Nagar Twitter; if they were their content creators, they would start getting money, but for this, their account should be verified, and the blue tick on their account should also be of these many conditions. Also, now Elon Musk will be seen facilitating the war on Twitter.



Before Twitter, Instagram started this facility first and started giving money to many users of Instagram who have verified accounts and are paid only through advertisements; the same Twitter account Elon Musk pays them. According to that, Instagram is already paying them, so this is the trend of one Instagram application all the applications are adopting, and it is a huge thing that people start getting money for their advertisement in this way. He seems to be constantly posting no-no posts.



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