Utkarsh Sharma acted in the Gadar film under compulsion.

Today Gadar 2 movie has been ultimately released at the box office and has been released well at the Indian box office. Even after this, the film Bhejo producer and director had an idea that this movie would work well. The madness of Gadar 2 is being seen in Indian cinemas much faster than before because its ticket was already an entire housefull. After that, people stopped getting tickets, and all the bookings till August 15 were completed.



The Gadar film was released in 2002, and after that, after a long wait, Gadar 2 film was released; film director Anil Sharma said that he had taken so much time because he could not get the feeling of the people towards this film. He has been able to understand him, and people want to see this film very soon; people want to see him again as Tara Singh, whom they saw 22 years ago, and he continues to act in this role even now. The boy who played the role of Tara Singh’s son in the film Gadar in 2002 was none other than director Anil Sharma’s son Utkarsh Sharma, and now, in this film also, Utkarsh Sharma is playing the role of his son. I am working.



Utkarsh Sharma wanted to become a cricketer.



Recently interviewed Utkarsh Sharma in which he said he never wanted to work in the film world, but seeing his father’s compulsion, he started working on this film in 2002 when Gadar’s film was released. He had achieved a lot, and while this film was shooting, it was becoming complicated for Anil Sharma to find any child artist as Tara Singh’s son, and then Ameesha Patel’s eyes fell on Utkarsh Sharma. And he said that this child was given to sign for this film. After this, Anil Sharma had no other option left, and he ultimately prepared his son Utkarsh Sharma for acting, and in this, he performed excellently. And now, when the second part of Gadar’s film is releasing, he is continuously seen doing this work in that too.



Utkarsh Sharma said that he never gave up his feelings towards films, and initially, Anand did not want to make his career in films. He never wanted to work in films. He always wanted to become a cricketer, and The way he played a lot of cricket, even in his school days, he kept his identity hidden, missing that the child who worked inside Gadar is a child; it is known No one in his school except a select few of his friends knew that Utkarsh Sharma’s father Anil Sharma is the director of Gadar film.



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