Violence in Manipur reaches the highest level

After all of the violence has been reported in the state of Manipur the Supreme Court has given the order to conduct investigation as soon as possible and form a committee which will come price of all the extras in order to discovered the actual cause of action behind all of think that has happened in the state and this committee will be able to find out the persons who I actually responsible for all of the nuisance and would even punish them to the greatest possibly extent for the simple reason that this is going to be a huge in for the country as a whole and if such kind of incidence continue to take please tell the democratic structure of India would be destroyed completely and where would be no be in which something would be done to recover it and for the time being this and important issue which needs to be a commodity for as only possible and if things have been working well to the best of the capacity then automatically going to work useful for a lot of people and in this particular way it is going to get beneficial for them to record the information and even teach a lesson to the other people that if that try to touch in all of these kind of activity then the vapour question will not be favourable and it will be very penal as well.


When it comes to finding out what is going to become difficult for the people to comprehend then a lot of this depends upon the ways in which things can be taken control of but this particular committee of charges have already given notice to all the parties who are responsible for all of these activities as soon as possible and this particular responsibility will be helping out in multiple possible ways so that it becomes easier for them to get a solution that things will not be moving with the best of the cup ICC and it will be come difficult for multiple people to get a basic no how things have been working easily over the time. This formation of the committee was very important after everything that the country of India has witnes to with the following months and this is a serious issue which is also been waste at the global level at the level of the United Nations and all the Global levels have been responsible for giving difficult types of guidelines so that it is easier for them to get a basic solution.


It is only for the help of the proper guidance that the exact number of people can be sorted out in the times to come and it is going to definitely teach a lot of people multiple kind of lessons and if things have been working to the best of capacity then it will be difficult for them to find out what is going to function and what is not going to function over the time but it depends upon how the people will be responding to all of this kind of information and what will be the outcome of the committee because it to outcome turns to be otherwise an automatic people will be losing fate in such a kind of committee Constitution by the highest organ of the government which is the another. People how they response to all of this information and the information is not taken number them then automatically a new committee have to be constituted and this will be just wasting time and the justice will not be served at all because at this stage it is important to provide justice to all the people who have suffered a lot due to everything set as happened in Manipur over the time. This information will be definitely recorded and published for the public commentary as soon as possible

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